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1609-1702 Semester - Macau University of Science and Technology
by Robert Montano - Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 11:59 AM


"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

- Albert Einstein

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Available courses

Special Topic In Human Resources Management (3) - "Stress Management" (人力資源管理學專題項目 (三) 之「壓力管理」) - HRM412-003LH
Performance Appraisal And Reward Management (績效考核與薪酬管理) - HRM403LH
Behavioral Economics (行為經濟學) - MBJE03SW
Special Topic In Finance (1) - "Behavioral Finance" (財務學專題項目 (一) 之「行為金融學」) - FIN410-002SW
Accounting (會計學) - MBBZ04ZJZ
Special Topic In Accounting (2) - "International Accounting" (會計學專題項目 (二) 之「國際會計學」) - ACT411-001ZJZ
Project (作業項目) - ACT405ZJZ
Introduction To Managerial Accounting (管理會計導論) - COB206WS
Taxation (稅制) - ACT404WS
Introduction To Information Systems (資訊系統導論) - COB302FD
Decision Making Methods (決策方法) - COB207FD
Project (作業項目) - MKT404JS
Marketing Research (營銷調研) - MKT304JS
Marketing Management (營銷管理) - MBMG02JS
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - BBAZ16005PJ
Auditing I (審計學 (一)) - ACT304PJ
Financial Derivatives (金融衍生工具) - FIN305ZL
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - BBAZ16005WX
Intermediate Accounting II (中級會計 (二)) - ACT302WX
Introduction To Managerial Accounting (管理會計導論) - COB206YL
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - BBAZ16005YL
Public Management (公共管理學) - MBPZ03WL
Charity And Philanthropy Management: Theory And Practice (慈善及公益管理理論與實務) - MBCZ03WL
Data Mining (數據挖掘) - MBSZ04ZH
Introduction To Information Systems (資訊系統導論) - COB302ZH
Finance (財務學) - COB204MM
Game Theory (博弈論) - MBSZ06RL
Statistics (統計學) - MBPZ06RL
Business Statistics (商務統計) - BBAZ16011RL
Procurement And Supply Management (採購與供應管理) - SCM304HY
Project Management And Practice (項目管理及實務操作) - MBSE02HY
Decision Making Methods (決策方法) - COB207HY
Introduction To Managerial Accounting (管理會計導論) - COB206LL
Microeconomics (微觀經濟學) - BBAZ16002YP
Macroeconomics I (宏觀經濟學i) - BAE08YP
Special Topic In International Trade (2) - "International Business Negoation" (國際貿易學專題項目(二) 之「國際商務談判」) - INB411-002SS
Strategic Management In International Business (國際商業策略) - INB304SS
Principles Of Accounting (會計學原理) - MBFZ01TK
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBAZ08TK
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBJZ05CH
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBFZ05CH
Project (作業項目) - SCM404MT
Manufacturing Planning And Control (生產計劃與控制) - SCM305MT
Operations Management (營運管理) - MBBZ07MT
Introduction To Information Systems (資訊系統導論) - COB302RI
Decision Making Methods (決策方法) - COB207LY
Introduction To Information Systems (資訊系統導論) - COB302CC
Special Topic In Supply Chain Management (2) - "Forecasting" (供應鏈管理學專題項目 (二) 之「預測」) - SCM411-002JC
Business Policy And Strategic Management (企業政策與策略管理) - COB402OI
Business Policy And Strategic Management (企業政策與策略管理) - COB402WT
Legal Issues In Business Administration (企業管理中的法律問題) - MBME02CZ
Marketing (營銷學) - COB205EQ
Financial Statement Analysis (財務報表分析) - MBAZ06GS
Introduction To Managerial Accounting (管理會計導論) - COB206GS
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203WS
Intermediate Accounting I (中級會計 (一)) - ACT301WS
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - COB101VF
Financial Statement Analysis (財務報表分析) - FIN302GS
Advanced Auditing And Practice (高級審計與實務) - MBAE03GS
Statistics (統計學) - MBMZ09ZL
Advanced Corporate Finance (高級公司財務) - MBBF01ZL
Brand Management (品牌管理) - MKT301EQ
Brand Management (品牌管理) - MBFE11EQ
Brand Management (品牌管理) - MBBM04EQ
Charity And Philanthropy Volunteer Management (慈善及公益志願者管理) - MBCE04WL
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - MBBZ01WL
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - BBAZ16001WL
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - MBMZ08SS
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401SS
Advanced Management Accounting And Practice (高級管理會計與實務) - MBAE02PW
Legal Environment Of Business (企業法律環境) - COB202MK
Supply Chain Management (供應鏈管理) - SCM401LY
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301LY
Applied Statistics (應用統計) - MBSZ01ZH
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301ZH
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203WX
Advanced Financial Accounting (高級財務會計) - ACT403WX
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201SW
Hr Strategy And Planning (人力資源策略與規劃) - HRM401WT
Human Resources Management (人力資源管理) - HRM301WT
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401VF
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - BBAZ16001VF
Quality Management (質量管理) - SCM301JC
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBSZ05JC
Statistics (統計學) - MBBZ12JC
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203PJ
Intermediate Accounting I (中級會計 (一)) - ACT301PJ
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401SL
Legal Environment Of Business (企業法律環境) - COB202SL
Organizational Behavior (組織行為學) - COB303TM
Logistics And Transportation Management (物流與運輸管理) - SCM402QQ
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201QQ
Auditing (審計學) - MBAZ03TK
Auditing II (審計學 (二)) - ACT401TK
Microeconomics (微觀經濟學) - BBAZ16002ZN MetaCourse
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBSZ05RL
Special Topics In Research Methodology II (研究方法專題二) - DBAZ21CH
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203YL
Managerial Accounting (管理會計) - ACT303YL
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBSZ05RI
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBMZ01RI
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301RI
Managerial Accounting (管理會計) - ACT303LL
Intermediate Macroeconomics (中級宏觀經濟學) - MBJZ02YP
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301HY
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201HY
Legal Environment Of Business (企業法律環境) - COB202AW
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201FD
Special Topic In Human Resources Management (1) - "Management In Project" (人力資源管理學專題項目 (一) 之「項目管理」) - HRM410-003FD
Financial Statistics And Econometrics (金融統計和金融計量學) - MBFZ03CH
Intermediate Econometrics I (中級計量經濟學I) - MBJZ03CH
Managerial Decision Methods (管理決策方法) - MBSE05MT
Special Topic In Business Administration (2) - "3D Warehousing And Distribution Management" (工商管理專題項目(二)之「3D 倉儲與配送管理」) - BBA411-002MT
Special Topics In Research Methodology II (研究方法專題二) - DBAZ21MT
Management Science (管理科學) - DBMZ02MT
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301RL
Supply Chain Applications And Policy (供應鏈應用與政策) - SCM403RL
Company Law (公司法) - ACT306CZ
Administrative Law (行政法學) - MBPZ04CZ
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401OI
E-Commerce (電子商務) - MIS306CC
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301CC
Special Topic In Culinary Art (1) - "Advanced Cooking Skills" (廚藝學專題項目(一)- "高級烹飪技巧") - CA1312-02CP
Banquet Planning And Management (宴會設計與管理) - HMGT1306JW
Advanced Internship And Project (酒店管理高級實習及報告) - BHM1244JW
Personal And Professional Development (個人及專業發展) - BFBM1321JW
Industrial Experience I (Fellowship) (督導員培養實習) - IE1301FY
Internship (實習及報告) - BITM1321FY
Franchising (連鎖餐廳的經營管理) - BFBM1323WK
Food And Beverage Operations (餐飲運作) - BHM1222WK
Internship (實習及報告) - BITM1321DK
Internship (實習及報告) - BITM1321SH
Hospitality Finance Management (酒店財務學) - BHM1231SH
Seminars By Restaurant Managers (餐廳大師講座) - BFBM1322SH
Contemporary Cultural Management (當代文化管理) - CTM1301PS
酒店管理專題項目(一)- "酒店與旅遊業的多元文化探討" (Special Topic In Hotel Management (1) - "Intercultural Issues In Tourism And Hospitality") - BHM1262-01HN
Restaurant Management Advanced Internship And Report (餐廳管理高級實習及報告) - RM1308BY
Banquet Planning And Management (宴會設計與管理) - HMGT1306-01BY
Introduction To Purchasing (採購管理入門) - BHM1253BY
Advanced Internship And Project (酒店管理高級實習及報告) - BHM1244BY
Tourism And Environment (旅遊與環境) - GSS011PH
Management Of Leisure And Entertainment Tourism (旅遊休閒娛樂管理) - BITM1316PH
Introduction To Accounting (會計導論) - BITM1310VZ
Introduction To Beverage Management (飲料管理入門) - BHM1252DK
Consumer Behavior (消費者行為學) - BHM1258SP
Training And Development (培訓規劃) - BFBM1324T01
North And South American Cuisine & Practice (南北美洲美饌烹調及實踐) - CA1306CP
Asian Cuisine & Practice (亞洲美饌烹調及實踐) - CA1308CP
Healthy Cooking & Practice (健康飲食烹調及實踐) - CA1309CP
Visitor Management And Interpretation (旅客管理與導覽) - CTM1303LB
Management Of Leisure And Entertainment Tourism (旅遊休閒娛樂管理) - BITM1316LB
Management Of Leisure And Entertainment Tourism (旅遊休閒娛樂管理) - BITM1316CM
Consumer Behavior (消費者行為學) - BHM1258CM
Property Management (物業管理) - BHM1259RW
Course that introduces facilities management for hotels. It gives an owners perspective on the whole lifecycle of a hotel from developing the initial business case through building and fitting out the property and maintaining the it in good operational order over its working life to finally disposing of the hotel.
Hotel Operations (酒店運作) - HMGT1302SC
Food Hygiene And Safety Management (食品衛生及安全管理) - BFBM1301CP
Food And Beverage Cost Control And Purchasing (餐飲成本控制及採購) - BFBM1306CP
Culinary Arts Advanced Internship And Report (廚藝學高級實習及報告) - CA1311JW
Internship (實習及報告) - BITM1321JW
Hotel And Resort Management (酒店及旅遊區管理) - BITM1318JW
Food And Beverage Practice (餐飲服務實習) - BHM1223DK
Dining Room Service And Practice (餐廳服務及實踐) - BFBM1303DK
Strategic Tourism Management (旅遊企業戰略管理) - DPTZ03LB
Travel Agency Operations And Management (旅行社的運作與管理) - BITM1307LB
Special Topics In Strategic Management For Gaming Industry (博彩策略管理專題研究) - GMGT1308ME
Gaming Operations Management (博彩管理) - BHM1224ME
Strategic Marketing Management For The International Tourism Industry (國際旅遊營銷策略管理) - MBTZ02SP