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1609-1702 Semester - Macau University of Science and Technology
by Robert Montano - Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 11:59 AM


"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

- Albert Einstein

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Available courses

Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203WS
Intermediate Accounting I (中級會計 (一)) - ACT301WS
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - COB101VF
Financial Statement Analysis (財務報表分析) - FIN302GS
Advanced Auditing And Practice (高級審計與實務) - MBAE03GS
Statistics (統計學) - MBMZ09ZL
Advanced Corporate Finance (高級公司財務) - MBBF01ZL
Brand Management (品牌管理) - MKT301EQ
Brand Management (品牌管理) - MBFE11EQ
Brand Management (品牌管理) - MBBM04EQ
Charity And Philanthropy Volunteer Management (慈善及公益志願者管理) - MBCE04WL
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - MBBZ01WL
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - BBAZ16001WL
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - MBMZ08SS
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401SS
Advanced Management Accounting And Practice (高級管理會計與實務) - MBAE02PW
Legal Environment Of Business (企業法律環境) - COB202MK
Supply Chain Management (供應鏈管理) - SCM401LY
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301LY
Applied Statistics (應用統計) - MBSZ01ZH
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301ZH
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203WX
Advanced Financial Accounting (高級財務會計) - ACT403WX
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201SW
Hr Strategy And Planning (人力資源策略與規劃) - HRM401WT
Human Resources Management (人力資源管理) - HRM301WT
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401VF
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - BBAZ16001VF
Quality Management (質量管理) - SCM301JC
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBSZ05JC
Statistics (統計學) - MBBZ12JC
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203PJ
Intermediate Accounting I (中級會計 (一)) - ACT301PJ
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401SL
Legal Environment Of Business (企業法律環境) - COB202SL
Organizational Behavior (組織行為學) - COB303TM
Logistics And Transportation Management (物流與運輸管理) - SCM402QQ
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201QQ
Auditing (審計學) - MBAZ03TK
Auditing II (審計學 (二)) - ACT401TK
Intermediate Microeconomics (中級微觀經濟學) - MBJZ01ZN
Microeconomics (微觀經濟學) - GMIE001ZN/BBAZ16002ZN MetaCourse
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBSZ05RL
Special Topics In Research Methodology II (研究方法專題二) - DBAZ21CH
Introduction To Financial Accounting (財務會計導論) - COB203YL
Managerial Accounting (管理會計) - ACT303YL
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBSZ05RI
Research Methodology (研究方法) - MBMZ01RI
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301RI
Managerial Accounting (管理會計) - ACT303LL
Intermediate Macroeconomics (中級宏觀經濟學) - MBJZ02YP
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301HY
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201HY
Legal Environment Of Business (企業法律環境) - COB202AW
Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201FD
Special Topic In Human Resources Management (1) - "Management In Project" (人力資源管理學專題項目 (一) 之「項目管理」) - HRM410-003FD
Financial Statistics And Econometrics (金融統計和金融計量學) - MBFZ03CH
Intermediate Econometrics I (中級計量經濟學I) - MBJZ03CH
Managerial Decision Methods (管理決策方法) - MBSE05MT
Special Topic In Business Administration (2) - "3D Warehousing And Distribution Management" (工商管理專題項目(二)之「3D 倉儲與配送管理」) - BBA411-002MT
Special Topics In Research Methodology II (研究方法專題二) - DBAZ21MT
Management Science (管理科學) - DBMZ02MT
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301RL
Supply Chain Applications And Policy (供應鏈應用與政策) - SCM403RL
Company Law (公司法) - ACT306CZ
Administrative Law (行政法學) - MBPZ04CZ
Introduction To International Business (國際商務導論) - COB401OI
E-Commerce (電子商務) - MIS306CC
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301CC
Strategic Tourism Management (旅遊企業戰略管理) - DPTZ03LB
Travel Agency Operations And Management (旅行社的運作與管理) - BITM1307LB
Special Topics In Strategic Management For Gaming Industry (博彩策略管理專題研究) - GMGT1308ME
Gaming Operations Management (博彩管理) - BHM1224ME
Strategic Marketing Management For The International Tourism Industry (國際旅遊營銷策略管理) - MBTZ02SP
Research Methods In Tourism (旅遊研究方法) - BITM1320SP
Club Management (俱樂部管理) - HMGT1303FY
Travel Agency Operations And Management (旅行社的運作與管理) - BITM1307FY
Advanced Cooking Skills - CA1312CP
Introduction To Accounting (會計導論) - BITM1310SH
Finance Management For Food And Beverage Industry (餐飲業財務學) - BFBM1308SH
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - BITM1308MH
Eco-Tourism (生態旅遊) - GSS012PH
Contemporary Issues In Cultural Tourism (文化旅遊專題研究) - CTM1308PS
Advanced Pastry - CA1326CP
Advanced Baking - CA1325CP
Advanced Pastry & Practice (高級西餅製作及實踐) - CA1316CP
Advanced Baking & Practice (高級麵包製作及實踐) - CA1315CP
Special Topic In Culinary Art (1) - "Advanced Cooking Skills" (廚藝學專題項目(一)- "高級烹飪技巧") - CA1312-01CP
Travel And Hotel Service Management (旅遊及酒店服務管理) - BITM1309PH
(Bhm1254-01De1) - BHM1254-01CP
Rooms Management And Practice (酒店客房管理實習) - BHM1234BY
Food And Beverage Operations (餐飲運作) - BHM1222CP
Food And Beverage Sales And Marketing (餐飲業銷售及市場營銷) - BFBM1307CP
Tourism Product Quality Management (旅遊產品質素管理) - BITM1319HN
Hotel And Resort Management (酒店及旅遊區管理) - BITM1318HN
Tourism Economics (旅遊經濟學) - BITM1304CM
Hospitality Marketing (酒店市場推廣及銷售) - BHM1221CM
Culinary Nutrition (飲食營養學) - CA1310CP
Introduction To Management (管理導論) - BITM1308CP
Introduction To Management (管理概論) - BITM1308-01CP
Introduction To Farm-To-Table Management (從農場到餐桌的管理概論) - BFBM1302CP
Hotel Conference Operations (酒店會議經營) - HMGT1305BY
Rooms Management (酒店客房管理與實務) - BHM1233BY
Travel And Hotel Service Management (旅遊及酒店服務管理) - BITM1309SC
Introduction To Tourism And Hospitality Business (旅遊及酒店業概論) - BITM1301SC
Research Methods In Tourism (旅遊研究方法) - BITM1320-01RW
Special Topic In Hotel Management (2) - "Learning And Development" (酒店管理專題項目(二)- "學習與發展") - BHM1263-01T01
Introduction To Tourism And Hospitality Business (旅遊及酒店業概論) - BITM1301T01
University English (Listening & Speaking I) (大學英語 (聽說 I)) - GSLS111DX
University English III (大學英語 III) - GSE003DX
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002DX
University English (Listening & Speaking I) (大學英語 (聽說 I)) - GSLS111NK
University English (Intensive Reading II) (大學英語 (精讀 II)) - GSER112NK
University English III (大學英語 III) - GSE003NK
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002NK
Special Topic In Language And Writing (1) - "Selected Reading In English Literature" (語言文字專題項目 (一) 之「英美文學選讀」) - GLL026-08NK
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002FW
University English III (大學英語 III) - GSE003FW
University English (Intensive Reading II) (大學英語 (精讀 II)) - GSER112FW
University English I (大學英語 I) - GSE001JL
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002JL
University English (Intensive Reading I) (大學英語 (精讀 I)) - GSER111JL
University English I (大學英語 I) - GSE001LQ
University English I (大學英語 I) - GSE001HM
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002HM
Basic English I (基礎英語 I) - GSBE001CY
Life Science (生命科學) - GSS004HZ
University English IV (大學英語 IV) - GSLS112JG
University English (Listening & Speaking I) (大學英語 (聽說 I)) - GSLS111JG
Tba (語言文字專題項目 (一) 之「葡語入門」) - GLL026-30DM
Special Topic In Introduction To Foreign Language Learning (3) - "Introduction To Portuguese" (外國語言入門專題項目(三)之「葡語入門」) - GFL003-01DM
Special Topic In Language And Writing (1) - "Translation From English Into Chinese" (語言文字專題項目 (一) 之「英中翻譯技巧」) - GLL026-05IW
Professional English I (專業英語 I) - BITM1305-01IW
Special Topic In Introduction To Foreign Language Learning (1) - GFL001-01AN
Special Topic In Humanities And Arts (3) - "Portuguese History" (人文藝術專題項目 (三) 之「葡國歷史」) - GSA035-47SN
Special Topic In Humanities And Arts (2) - "Portuguese Culture" (人文藝術專題項目 (二) 之「葡國文化」) - GSA034-48SN
Tba (語言文字專題項目 (一) 之「葡語入門」) - GLL026-30SN
Special Topic In Introduction To Foreign Language Learning (3) - "Introduction To Portuguese" (外國語言入門專題項目(三)之「葡語入門」) - GFL003-01SN
University English (Listening & Speaking I) (大學英語 (聽說 I)) - GSLS111CC1
University English (Intensive Reading I) (大學英語 (精讀 I)) - GSER111CC1
University English I (大學英語 I) - GSE001CC1
University English (Intensive Reading I) (大學英語 (精讀 I)) - GSER111ED
Basic English II (基礎英語 II) - GSBE002AX
University English IV (大學英語 IV) - GSLS112DH
University English III (大學英語 III) - GSE003JT
University English (Listening & Speaking II) (大學英語 (聽說 II)) - GSLS112MS
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002MS
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002HS
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002JT
University English (Listening & Speaking I) (大學英語 (聽說 I)) - GSLS111JT
Special Topic In Language And Writing (1) - "Western Cinema Appreciation" (語言文字專題項目 (一) 之「西方電影賞析」) - GLL026-09JT
University English III (大學英語 III) - GSE003JP
University English IV (大學英語 IV) - GSLS112JP
Communication Research Methodology (傳播學研究方法) - BJ1024SZ
Techniques In Communication (傳播技能) - BJ1021WP
Consumer Behavior (消費者行為) - MADE05WD
Insights Into Consumer Behavior (消費者洞察) - MACE02WD
Consumer Behavior (消費者行為) - BJP1201WD
Public Speaking (公眾演講) - BJ12019WP
Academic Year Paper (學年報告) - MACZ07SZ
Communication Research Methods (傳播學研究方法) - MACZ02SZ
Advanced Research Methods In Communication (傳播學研究方法高階) - DPCZ02SZ
Quantitative Communication Research Methods (傳播學定量研究方法) - BJ12011SZ
Computer-Aided Design (電腦輔助設計) - BD12010ZJ
Advanced Portuguese III (高級葡萄牙語III) - BFP12013AP
Portuguese Audio-Visual And Speaking II (葡萄牙語視聽說II) - BFP12008AP
Portuguese Reading II (葡萄牙語閱讀II) - BFP12006AP
English Audio-Visual And Speaking I (英語視聽說I) - BFE12007AP
Spanish Audio-Visual And Speaking II (西班牙語視聽說II) - BFS12008AN
Advanced Portuguese I (高級葡萄牙語I) - BFP12011AN
Basic Portuguese III (基礎葡萄牙語III) - BFP12003AN
Basic English I (基礎英語I) - BFE12001AC
Interpreting Between English And Chinese (口譯(英漢互譯)) - BFE12017DH
English Reading II (英語閱讀II) - BFE12005AC
Projects On Software Engineering (軟件工程實踐) - CS003AL
Software Engineering (軟件工程) - CS014AL
Software Engineering Practices (軟件工程實習) - CS103AL
Research Methods In Information Technology (資訊科技研究方法) - MIIZ42XY
E-Commerce (電子商務) - ME102XY
Database Systems (數據庫系統) - MIIZ14HD