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1609-1702 Semester - Macau University of Science and Technology
by Robert Montano - Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 11:59 AM


"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

- Albert Einstein

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Available courses

Business Statistics (商務統計) - COB201FD
Special Topic In Human Resources Management (1) - "Management In Project" (人力資源管理學專題項目 (一) 之「項目管理」) - HRM410-003FD
Financial Statistics And Econometrics (金融統計和金融計量學) - MBFZ03CH
Intermediate Econometrics I (中級計量經濟學i) - MBJZ03CH
Managerial Decision Methods (管理決策方法) - MBSE05MT
Special Topic In Business Administration (2) - "3D Warehousing And Distribution Management" (工商管理專題項目(二)之「3D 倉儲與配送管理」) - BBA411-002MT
Special Topics In Research Methodology II (研究方法專題二) - DBAZ21MT
Management Science (管理科學) - DBMZ02MT
Operations Management (營運管理) - COB301CC
Hotel Conference Operations (酒店會議經營) - HMGT1305BY
Rooms Management (酒店客房管理與實務) - BHM1233BY
Special Topic In Hotel Management (2) - "Learning And Development" (酒店管理專題項目(二)- "學習與發展") - BHM1263-01T01
Introduction To Tourism And Hospitality Business (旅遊及酒店業概論) - BITM1301T01
University English II (大學英語 II) - GSE002HS
University English Ⅱ (大學英語 Ⅱ) - GSE002JT
University English (Listening & Speaking I) (大學英語 (聽說 I)) - GSLS111JT
Special Topic In Language And Writing (1) - "Western Cinema Appreciation" (語言文字專題項目 (一) 之「西方電影賞析」) - GLL026-09JT
Listening & Speaking 2 - FTPLS2JP
English I (Listening & Speaking) (英語 I (聽說)) - PUES001HS